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The Golden Spread Council has a library of audio-visual materials available to our volunteers. Videotapes and DVD's can be checked out for a maximum of 7 days depending on demand. There is a $5 late charge (unless you request an extension in advance). You will be charged cost for any Video/DVD lost or damaged.

Below is a list of some of the programs available. Contact our Scout Shop to confirm that a requested title is available.

Cub Scouting
2-Year Program for Webelos (VHS)
Webelos-to-Scout Transition (VHS)

Boy Scouts
Junior Leader Training (VHS)
Troop Open House (VHS)
Troop Program Planning (VHS)
Eagle Scout Challenge (VHS)
The Trail to Eagle (VHS)
Youth Protection Training (DVD)

Venturing for Scoutmasters (VHS)
Briefing the Organizing Committee (VHS)

Youth Protection: Personal safety Awareness (VHS/DVD)
DRUGS, The Deadly Game (VHS)
Safety Afloat (DVD)
Safe Swim (DVD)
It Happened to Me 6-12 (DVD)
A Time to Tell - Youth Protection 11-14(DVD)
Lifeguarding (VHS)

God Bless the USA (VHS)
For which it Stands (DVD)
National Scouting Museum (VHS) (DVD)
Knot Tying: The Basic Knots (DVD)

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